Custom Double-Sided Polyimide Substrate Socket Connector Gold Flexible PCB

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS
Model Number: FPCB-4

Double-Sided Flexible Circuits consist of two copper layerss encapsulated wth dielectric, normally connected with a plated thru-hole. Double-sided can be fabricated with or without cover layers.

Product Details

RiFlex manufactures high reliability flexible printed circuits on polyimide substrates using advanced manufacturing processes. We specialize in single and double-sided circuits, as well as multi-layer and flex circuit assemblies. The flex circuits are built to the exacting specifications of our customers, meeting the most demanding of applications in the ultrasound probe, medical device, semiconductor test & manufacturing equipment, industrial equipment, and aerospace markets.

Product specs



Single-sided, Double-sided, Multi-layers (max 6 layers) and
Rigid-flexible PCB, Aluminium board

Surface Finishing:

HASL(LF), Gold plating, Electroless nickel immersion gold,
Immersion Tin, OSP(Entek)

Base Material:

Polyimide(Kapton), Polyester(PET), Aluminium, FR4

Copper Foil:


Min. Line Width:

2 mil

Min. Line Spacing:

2 mil

Min. Hole Size:


Max. Board Size:


Min. Board Thickness:


Min. Solder Mask Thickness:


Solder Mask Types:

Green, yellow, black, white, blue, red and clear


Punching, Routing, V-cut

Soldering Thermal Resistance:

300°C/10 seconds

Peeling Strength:


Surface Resistance:


Insulation Resistance:


Dielectric Strength:




Performance Test:

100% electrical and electricity performance test

Product Features


  1. It can be bent, folded and deformed freely. Its coil radius is small and it can be moved freely along X, Y, Z axis separately.
  2. Occupy small space
  3. Since it is light and thin, it makes best use of the narrow space in the instruments. (average thickness 1.1-0. Am)
  4. Light weight
  5. Its weight is very light because the design of FPC is not based on mechanical strength but current load.
  6. Good seal capability
  7. The flexible board could be designed for low- tensile seal enduring the adverse environment.
  8. Steady transmission
  9. The wiring pattern and the conductor distance can be freely designed according to electric parameters. Once the pattern is finalized, parameters of R. L. C is steady accordingly.
  10. Easy assembly
  11. The property of terminal is good enough to be fixed to any equipment by soldering, inserting, riveting and gluing. Manual mistakes in traditional wiring are avoided.
  12. Good insulation
  13. We selected the materials with good insulation property, such as polyimide, polyester, etc. Usually, the wiring is covered, so the insulation is greatly strengthened.

Product applications

  • Embedded Software,
  • Power Converter
  • Instrumentation, Medical
  • Telecom,
  • UPS
  • Automotive
  • Wearable Electronics
  • LCD Module Display
  • ESD Measurement Tools
  • Housing
  • Electronics
  • Remote Control
  • Electronic Television Audience Measurement Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Audio Equipment
  • Effects Controller
  • Electronic Musical Device
  • LED
  • LCD
  • Voice Announcement System
  • Digital Theater Systems
  • Vacuum Tube Electronics Displays
  • Audio Systems
  • Automatic Tracking Satellite Television
  • Computer Extender Products
  • Digital Audio
  • Repeater Systems
  • Digital Projection
  • Digital Video Management Systems
  • Recorders
  • Scan Converters
  • Show Control
  • Special Effects Systems etc