FR4 Polyimide Double Layer Flexible PCB

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS
Model Number: FPCB-1

Custom Double Layer FR4 Material Polyimide Flexible PCB With Cover Film

Product Details

Flex PCBs, also flexible printed circuits or flexible electronics provide greater options for designers and engineers when assembling electronic circuits.They are constructed from flexible, high-performance plastic material, usually polyimide,which enables the board to bend or "flex" during use.This flexibility opens them up to use in a wide range of applications. These flexible electronic assemblies may be fabricated using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards, but allowing the board to conform to a desired shape (flex) during its application.

Product specs


Layers No.

1-6 layers

Finished Board Thickness

Min.:10x45mm Max.:250x1200mm

Available Laminates Material


Finished Board Thickness tolerance


Finished hole diameter(Min.)


Finished hole diameter(Max)


NPTH Hole diameter tolerance


PTH hole diameter tolerance


Copper foil thickness


Circuit width/spacing(Min.)


Surface Finished type

OSP, Gold plating, Immersion Gold, Tin plating, Pb/ Pbfree HASL

Gold Flash Ni/Au thickness

Ni:2.54-9um Au:0.025-0.5um

Immersion Tin thickness


Tin plating thickness


Drill hole position tolerance


Punching dimension tolerance




Product Features

Advantage of Flexible PCB Boards

  1. Flexible PCB design and layout
  2. Flexible, space savings
  3. Reduced wiring errors
  4. Increase the flexibility of connection compared with mechanical connectors
  5. Easier installation and service
  6. Higher circuit density
  7. More robust operating temperature range
  8. Stronger signal quality
  9. Improve manufacturing yield and reliability
  10. Improve reliability and impedance control
  11. Reduce size and weight
  12. Improve aesthetics of finished products

Product applications

  • MP3, MP4 player, LCD monitors and LCD TV sets, LCD Module, Printer
  • Optical reading and writing device, Antenna Board
  • Back light, Disk film, Antenna Board
  • Note book and digital cameras, Camera module group
  • Medical Equipment, Auto Meter, Printer, clamshell phone /flip phone
  • Oscilloscope/ oscillograph, Multimeter, electronic measuring instrument
  • CD, DVD, electronic Organ, plasma display Home Appliances
Quick Details
  • Layers: 1 Layer, 2 Layers, 4 Layers, 6 Layers
  • Base Material: Epoxy, Teflon, Kapton Polyimide, PPE etc.
  • Copper: RA/ED 1/3oz, 1/2oz, 1oz
  • Dielectric Thickness: 1/2mil, 1mil, 2mil, 3mil
  • Surface Treatment: HASL, Hard or Soft Gold, Tin/Lead Electroplating, Immersion Gold ect.
  • Solder Mask : Yellow
  • Type: Flex PCB Board and Rigid-Flex Board