8 Layer PCB Board Design Customized Rigid Flex PCB

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS
Model Number: RFPCB-1

Product Details:

  • Layer: 6Layer
  • Material: FR4, RoHS compliance
  • PCB Thickness: 2.0mm+/-10%
  • Final Copper: 3OZ finish
  • Solder Mask: Green Legend:
  • White Surface: Immersion Gold, Au thickness: min.2u" E-Test: 100%

Product Details

We at Riflexpcb offer standard and custom designed 8 rigid flex pcb components with a 4 layer flex PCB. For our standard versions, we utilize FR 4 and polyimide for strength, safety, and stability. The surface treatment given is HASL. We also provide customized components to meet the needs of our OEM customers. Our board range begins at 0.5mm and can be increased to 0.3mm. We offer a range of copper thicknesses as well to suit your PCB application requirements. The range begins from 0.5 oz up to 6 oz. Our surface finishing options comprise immersion gold, OSP, and HASL.

Product specs

Technical Specifications

Layers 1~10 (flex Pcb)  and 2~8 (rigid flex)
Min Panel Size 5mm x 8mm
Max Panel Size 250 x 520mm
Min Finished board thickness 0.05mm (1 sided inclusive copper)
Max Finished board thickness 0.3mm (2 sided inclusive copper)
Finished board thickness tolerance ±0.02~0.03mm
Material Kapton, Polyimide, PET
Base copper thickness (RA or ED) 1/3 oz, 1/2 oz, 1oz, 2oz
Base PI thickness 0.5mil, 0.7mil, 0.8mil, 1mil, 2mil
Stiffner Polyimide, PET, FR4, SUS
Min Finished hole diameter Φ 0.15mm
Max Finished hole diameter Φ 6.30mm
Finished hole diameter tolerance (PTH) ±2 mil ( ±0.050mm)
Finished hole diameter tolerance (NPTH) ±1 mil ( ±0.025mm)
Min width/spacing (1/3oz) 0.05mm/0.06mm
Min width/spacing (1/2oz) 0.06mm/0.07mm
Min width/spacing (1oz) Single layer: 0.07mm/0.08mm
Double layer: 0.08mm/0.09mm
Aspect Ratio 6:01 8:01
Base Copper 1/3Oz--2Oz 3 Oz for Prototype
Size Tolerance Conductor Width:±10% W ≤0.5mm
Hole Size: ±0.05mm H ≤1.5mm
Hole Registration: ±0.050mm
Outline Tolerance:±0.075mm L ≤50mm
Surface Treatment ENIG: 0.025um - 3um
Immersion Tin: 0.04-1.5um
Dielectric Strength AC500V  
Solder Float 288ºC/10s IPC Standard
Peeling Strength 1.0kgf/cm IPC-TM-650
Flammability 94V-O UL94


Product Features

  • Our professional engineering team can put your project into production in a short time. Sample pictures and BOM are needed to make customized products
  • We can supply CAD and Pro-E designed precision moulds. Moulds can be designed and manufactured according to customers' requests or samples. Plastic injection processing available.
  • We have advanced equipment for through-hole and SMT DIP COB cable assembly.
  • ROHS compliant and lead-free process.
  • In-circuit, functional tests& burn-in tests, full system test

Product applications

  • Digital Products
  • Computer with LCD Screen
  • Mobile Phone
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace