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RiFlexPCB is a brand by Fortunemount International Ltd. We are specialized in manufacturing quality Aluminum PCB, Ceramic PCB, and Rigid Flexible PCB etc. We are professional in designing and manufacturing different kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). We were established in 2002; and since then we are performing a variety of services which enables us to believe total responsibilities for the delivery and quality of our products: Rigid Flexible, and Rigid-Flex PCBs.


Fortunemount International has advanced in-plant for designing highly quality Aluminum PCBs, Ceramic PCBs, and Rigid Flexible PCBs. Our services consist of stamping from coil stock, photo etching and etched blanks formation, die and tool making, circuit design and production, production heat treating, plating, welding and soldering and laser cutting. The secondary process includes soldering joints to seal seams, application of pressure sensitive tapes, spot welding, and insulation materials.


For us, collaboration is the key to our success. Our expert team works together across departments and disciplines. We are devoted to bringing top quality Aluminum PCB, Ceramic PCB, and Rigid Flexible PCB Diversity inspires innovation, and this belief enables us to fulfill our global customer clientele successfully.

RiFlexPCB serves product designers and engineers in the following industries:

  • Alternative Energy Source
  • Data/Computing
  • Industrial Automation
  • Scientific
  • Telecommunications/Networking
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Smart Phones and Mobile Devices
  • Industrial Electrical
  • Solid State Lighting
  • Consumer/Home Appliance


Fortunemount has been turning possibilities into the reality of our customers is what we believe in. The span of our capabilities ranges from product design to development and manufacturing of high quality Aluminum PCB, Ceramic PCB, and Rigid Flexible PCB for our esteemed customers. Our solutions range from smallest micro-miniature interconnects to the highest performance cable assemblies.


Since Quality and Innovation go hand-in-hand, we are constantly working to improve our production process further. Our commitment to minimizing the manufacturing cost has enabled us to thrive towards a trend of more efficient operations. While we are committed to our global reach, we have made our process more streamlined over the years, ensuring to provide the highest quality and on-time delivery of our products. We are known for our quality and reliability of Aluminum PCB, Ceramic PCB, and Rigid Flexible PCB, etc. We are committed to providing our customers build products that help and improves the world.


No matter wherever our customers are, our global footprints ensure all our customers have full access to our services and products when and wherever they need them. Everyday industries grow more diverse so as our customers and we will always be ready to meet their demands and requirements of specific Aluminum PCBs, Ceramic PCBs, and Rigid Flexible PCBs with our state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facilities.


RiFlexPCB will work with you for all your printed circuit boards needs. We are not limited in only providing customer satisfaction but exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our devotion to quality standard is a part which makes us more superior to other suppliers. Since, we both manufacture and assemble our products in-house, this is what helps us stand out as a premier supplier of all printed circuit boards.


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